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Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy Benefits

What is cupping therapy? Indigenous peoples of Asian countries were aware of the health benefits of cupping therapy . Therefore, it is not surprising that there are many clinics that consider this type of treatment as one of the options for dealing with various diseases. However, it is important to first Talk to your doctor

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sour tea

Natural remedies for high blood pressure in traditional medicine

Many adults around the world suffer from high blood pressure.  According to some medical researches,  half of adults now have high blood pressure. Experts recommend treating the disease by changing your lifestyle. Here are some natural remedies for high blood pressure. If you are considering taking herbs for treatment, even if it is just an herb

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Diagnosis and Treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome by Dr. Kheir Andish

This disease is the same tingling and numbness  of the wrist and fingers that is more common in women today. According to traditional medicine, this disease is caused by black bile (Saudā ;cold and dry temperament) sediment on the bottom of the hand. Traditional Remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome by Dr. Kheir Andish A)Drink Honey

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Diagnosis and treatment of Psoriasis by Dr. Kheir Andish

Psoriasis- treatment by Dr. Kheir Andish   Honey vinegar(Oxymel) (2 units of mint juice + 2 units of honey + 1 unit of natural grape vinegar) Pour of third of a glass of this syrup and pour the rest of it with water and drink it at night before going to bed. Cover the affected

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