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I am a SEO expert,blogger and website designer.Truly nature has all we need to, I am in love with alternative medicine and clay arts.

I believe we should get closer to nature in modern life, and I’m here to share the knowledge of healthy lifestyle by inspiring nature. please  let me have your comments.

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what is SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of changing the design and content of a website and arrange for better search engine visibility. By optimizing your website for search engines, you can enhance the visibility of your website in non-paid searches. Search engines examine your site, review its design and content, and try to identify the topics of your website and measure user satisfaction with your site.

Why Pottery

Arts improve the quality of life; The art of pottery is one of the most valuable arts in the world and a symbol of the culture and life process of human. It is one of the most enjoyable skills with appropriate and available tools which can be used to create very beautiful and unique pieces.Pottery is very effective hobby to reduce life stress.By pottery you can express yourself and it helps to grow your confidence and self-identification.

what is traditional medicine?

Traditional medicine includes aspects of medicine in traditional knowledge that have been formed in different societies and in different generations before the era of modern medicine. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), traditional medicine is "a set of knowledge, skills, and practices based on the theories, beliefs, and experiences of different culture. In some Asian and African countries, up to 80% of people meet their basic health needs through traditional medicine. When traditional medicine is used outside of traditional culture, it is considered "alternative medicine".


Mona is Hard working and honest, we could know great customers by SEO strategies she made, we look forward to work again together. ”

Sarah Razavi

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