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Medicinal Leech Therapy in traditional medicine

    Medicinal Leech Therapy (MLT) is one of the traditional forms of treatment, which has received special attention from people and physicians. In ancient Iranian medicine, famous physicians such as Ibn Sina, Jorjani and Aghili used three methods of blood collection called Fasd(Phlebotomy), blood cupping and leeching to treat diseases . So far, 600

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sore throat

Natural remedies for treatment of sore throat

When you have a sore throat, a dry throat can make it difficult to swallow food. Sore throat is one of the symptoms of colds and coronavirus, people who have seasonal allergies may also feel a little dry and sore throat. It is best to consult a doctor before going to home remedies. If approved by your

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flixweed seeds

Flixweed seeds benefits in traditional medicine

Flixweed seeds Flixweed seeds are kind of plant which grows in mountains. Flixweed seeds are available in two colors, red and brown, but the red seeds have a bitter taste. You are probably familiar with Flixweed because of its effect in quenching thirst, summer heat and treating constipation, but the properties of Flixweed seeds go

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Natural remedies for depression and anxiety in traditional medicine

Depression and anxiety Depression and anxiety which are among common mental disorders can occur at the same time or individually. Depression is a kind of mood disorder that can be described as feelings of loss, anger and sadness which can interfere with patient’s every day activities. Anxiety is feelings of uneasiness, fear and also dread

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hair fall teartment

Treatment of hair fall in traditional medicine

Hair fall which is also known as alopecia is a common problem that can effect people’s life. This problem can be permanent or temporary. There are many reasons such as hormonal changes, age, pregnancy, stress, medical conditions, genetic predisposition, birth control pills, some hair products and certain minerals and vitamins deficiency that can cause hair

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Osteoporosis treatment

Osteoporosis treatment with oleaster

Osteoporosis is a disease that can effect anyone in any age, specially women. In the occurrence of osteoporosis vitamin D and iron deficiency alone can not play a role, but the lack of group of important minerals and elements can cause osteoporosis. Oleaster has all these minerals and elements that can prevent osteoporosis, including magnesium,

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frankincense benefits

Benefits of Frankincense, and its effect on Covid-19

Frankincense Frankincense tea is used for treating shortness of breath and cough in patients suffering from Corona disease or cold with lung involvement. The benefits of edible frankincense are so many that it’s called the gold of traditional medicine. Frankincense temperament is hot and dry and  in some traditions is smoked with Peganum harmala  ,

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