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fruits benefits

Benefits and temperament of fruits and vegetables

Benefits and temperament of fruits and vegetables   All the fruits and vegetables are rich in many valuable vitamins and minerals that are very important for us to stay strong and healthy. Fruits and vegetables must be used every day in your diet. Here are some benefits of fruits and vegetables with their temperament that

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Parkinson herbal tea

Natural remedies for Parkinson patients

Some of the Natural Remedies for Parkinson patients Dairy consumption alone can worsen symptoms of Parkinson, so dairy products like cheese and yogurt should be used with cumin, dill, mint, spearmint and ajotva seeds. Researcher of traditional medicine said that consumption of olive, olive oil, Gingko, Scotlaria plant and also Ganoderma fungus are very good

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Benefits of purslane

Purslane Purslane is a kind of weed which can be found in the fields of lawns and crops. This weed is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, calcium, iron, folate, omega 3 and magnesium. Purslane has been used for thousands of years in Europe, Asia and also  Mediterranean region for treating many diseases. Here

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stachys lavandulifolia

Benefits of stachys lavandulifolia

Stachys lavandulifolia Stachys lavandulifolia has cotton like purple flowers which have special smell. It’s rich in A and C vitamins.  Stachys lavandulifolia has been used for thousands of years for treating many diseases. Here are some wonderful benefits of stachys lavandulifolia which are so important to know. Try to share benefits of stachys lavandulifolia with

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thyme benefit

Benefits of Thyme in traditional medicine

Thyme Thyme which is an evergreen shrub has been used in traditional medicine for many years. Thyme is rich in iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C, folate, niacin, vitamin K and riboflavin. Thyme can be very helpful to treat some common diseases. Here are some amazing benefits of thyme which are important to

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persian leek

Persian Leek Benefits

Persian leek Persian leek is a kind of valuable vegetable which has long and slender leaves leading to a white small onion at the lower part of its stem. Basically leek belong to the same family as garlic and onions but it has milder and sweeter taste. Leek is one of the best and most

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Best vegetables you can grow in pots at your home.

Vegetables Vegetables should be one of the most essential parts in humans diet for staying healthy. It can be a good idea to grow vegetables in your home because growing your own vegetables at home is kind of activity that can bring you so much happiness and joy. Also trying to grow your own vegetables

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