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coconut oil

Benefits of Coconut oil

Coconut oil Coconut oil is considered as kind of superfood among many people and it has become so popular and It has a big impact in the livelihood of human beings. The history of coconut oil is as old as  3960 years which is unbelievable. Mainly it can found in hot and tropical areas like

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date benefits

Benefits of Date in traditional medicine

Dates Dates are some kind of tropical fruits which are grown on palm trees. Dates are so tasty and rich in helpful ingredients and vitamins. There are 30 kinds of dates that can be found in different places around the world. According to traditional medicine, Dates have so many benefits for human body which are

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Black seed oil’s benefits

Black seed oil Black seed oil which is also known as black caraway, nigella or black cumin is oil from pressed black seed. Black seed oil actually comes from Nigella sativa which can be found in many different places like eastern Europe, western Asia and northern Africa. It strengthens mind, body and soul.  Black seed

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early puberty

Traditional treatment of Precocious puberty

Precocious puberty Precocious puberty can be defined as a situation when child’s body starts to change in to that of an adult too soon . It contains rapid growth of children’s bones, muscles and some changes in body’s shape and size . Precious puberty usually begins before age of 8 in girls and before age

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kidney stones treatment

Natural remedies for kidney stones

Kidney stones Kidney stones which are also known as renal calculi are deposits that are made of salt or other minerals inside the kidney. There are four types of kidney stones that are Cysteine stones, Calcium stones, Uric acid stones and Struvite stones. Some certain diets, medications and body weight can cause kidney stones. According

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art therapy

What is art therapy?

Miracle of Art Therapy Art therapy was proved as a treatment in 1940s. After that time there have been many different researches about its benefits. Art therapy is also called creative arts therapy or expressive arts therapy. Art therapy is useful for all people at any age. From kids to adults who have psychological problems

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